Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How To Tell If A Scorpio Guy Does Not Like You How To Know If A Scorpio Male Is Interested In You.?

How to know if a Scorpio male is interested in you.? - how to tell if a scorpio guy does not like you

It's really hard to say.
Somehow I feel sometimes and sometimes not.
I know the last few years, but I know that I am attracted to her.
As such they represent a single class, and he has a girlfriend. We are friends
but sometimes I like to draw your attention for long. Every time I get up and do something
He looks at me, perhaps I exaggerate. We look forward to others, but it has more than just kiss me) and I am far behind in class and somehow he will look back and look at me and smiled. I always thought that he pays more for me than his girlfriend. I have no idea HES bit confused, perhaps sees me as a friend. But you can never know who is shy and mysterious.

Is there anythI know Ment and I thank you very much

by the way in Aries & i love this guy How should I approach?

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