Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Crown Royal Reserve Do Most Bars Or Liquor Stores In London Sell American Hard Alcohol?

Do most bars or liquor stores in london sell American hard alcohol? - crown royal reserve

EI Crown Royal, Jim Beam, Seagrams. Or is it to sell only brand of English? I think that sending a bottle of Crown Royal Reserve or any other thing a girl friend for Christmas. If it is possible to buy what I think of anything else to send.

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  1. Seen many glasses of whiskey, as the style of Jim Beam bourbon, Jack D, SOCOM is not so Makers Mark Mark Seagram's great, but much of what the company is readily available. Crown Royal (owned by Seagrams, it seems) to my knowledge is not available here ... or at least I have not seen.
    Before you say ten London thouosand that you can get the duck and Roayl League shaky Warf, or something, I will add that there is probably like most drinks are available in some places .... but still far from common.