Monday, January 11, 2010

Florida Power Of Attorney Form No Proof Of Custody For My Nephew?

No Proof of Custody for my nephew? - florida power of attorney form

Well, my nephew is 14 and lives with me in Florida at the time, and it is there.
Learning So basically, you have to, because their parents are not only the United States already travilling stay in Europe and I can not and that they should be back to reality ...
well, so I need to register my nephew is now no other way, because he has to go to school ...
Enrollment in the school, I have everthing your birth certificate, immunization shots are current and proof of my life in Lee County, and also has the same name as me.
My question is: Can I wothout a problem and he will surely seek custody of a child Well, I have power, but that's all.
I do not know what the law is just, if possible, and if you ask in general.
Or perhaps there is a possibility that my temporary storage only for the recording without the need for a parent's signature

Thank you and a beautiful day

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