Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Manager Employment Agreement I Was Fired Because I Refuse To Use My Car To Do An Assignment, Were My Employment Rights Violated?

I was fired because I refuse to use my car to do an assignment, were my employment rights violated? - manager employment agreement

I was hired to manage there about 2 years in an office, there is no agreement on the use of my personal property to work as a new director and I wanted him like 'm on the spot, there is nothing you could do it, they did so a week ago.

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  1. You need to check the laws in their area - which vary from state to state. Contact the agency, labor monitoring. You can also search to

    If you have worked in a work "at will" position "may be dismissed or terminated by any reason or no reason. If the amount of work has changed (use your own vehicle for transportation) and you no longer want to work with (or ) without compensation, the ability to do his job could be jeopardized as expected - and employers can choose their work thanks to the end, how would you have the choice to say "Thanks, but no, no interest in the ongoing business "and simply quit.