Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Used Starcraft Campers How Do You Play Starcraft On Lan With One Computer Using Xp And Another A Macbook?

How do you play starcraft on lan with one computer using xp and another a macbook? - used starcraft campers

I and my comrades in StarCraft LAN using IPX, but one of our roommates can not play with us because he used a Mac.


  1. Too bad Greg S does not know, StarCraft has also been made for the Mac.

    As for the answer. First, you want to be sure that all three of the same piece, preferably at the latest. Then you should try to UDP. This option should it with the modem, and IPX. For operation over UDP for the three you have installed the TCP / IP for your Ethernet card. If this fails, try everything you on and just play with you (if you try to play with others, while in the house of their latency probably too high).

  2. They have are a few questions. First, your partner will need to install Windows on your MacBook before playing a game of Windows. But secondly, and equally important, the MacBook is equipped with an onboard video from Intel, which is not supported by most games ... including those which run on the Mac