Friday, January 29, 2010

Mount And Blad World Of Warcraft My 6month Pure Breed Rottweiler Puppy Has A Cist Looking Thing In Th Center Of His Back Near His Shoulder Blad?

My 6month pure breed rottweiler puppy has a cist looking thing in th center of his back near his shoulder blad? - mount and blad world of warcraft

is the shape of a Valcon CRATOR looking for something. My dog loves more than to lick and then hang the dog. What could this be and how I should handle this.



  1. Perhaps the vaccine or the microchip? Maybe not. Perhaps it is unfair that you control the adults, too?. Take him to the vet and find out. Do not let another dog licks ..

  2. Take the dog to the vet if it is open, but not to cry and share some of Petrolium jelly, until you get to see the puppies to keep all the bacteria in the computer and other dogs should stop licking.

  3. Could be a wart. Many of the dogs for them. Take him to the vet if it gets too big. They are usually harmless, but some are being killed because of their size. My Yorkie is in the back and not at all unpleasant. Good luck!

  4. Jump to veterans, their micro-chip could be released, forcing the body, I know that this will happen also with other dogs. Consideration should be given, no matter what happens

    Good luck

  5. Take him to the vet.