Monday, January 18, 2010

Rent A Boat Croatia Can You Rent A Boat For A Week And Travel The Intercoastal Waterway?

Can you rent a boat for a week and travel the intercoastal waterway? - rent a boat croatia

I want to leave, to travel the canal for a week. It's become a business, rent a boat for a trip?


  1. There are few rental sailboats in the Chesapeake Bay you can take along the coast and on the back, but given the average speed of 5 mph, you would not go that far, but it would be int leisure. I know of no society could in GA / FL, but have some. Tip: Google yacht.

  2. Yes, you can rent a boat for nearly as long as you want. You need to prove that he is experienced and qualified for the Masters of you rent the desired size. View yacht brokers in the Yellow Pages.