Friday, November 6, 2009

Discoloration Of Dogs Lips I Changed My Dogs Food Yesterday And Today His Lips Are Swollen?

I changed my dogs food yesterday and today his lips are swollen? - discoloration of dogs lips

Her upper lip, without) look good rubber (, no fading at all, do not panic, and had to touch or pressure on them. He acted completely normal and has not even noticed.

Will it be good if you change his food again?


  1. How to change your meal? It is assumed that the change of dog food for a period of ten days. Start with new foods from 10% the next day, 20% of new foods and new foods on the third day of 30%, and further, the fourth day, 40% of new foods and an increase of 10% every day.

    So it is not a body SHOC his dog. The adjusted Nutrtion old dog food.

    Moreover algerica a reaction to new foods, but I could only be the result of the collision, the change. If you are now beginning to change, as was said, then the dog may be allergic to the rule, and should continue to evolve.

    What kind of food used? What did you change? This information can be useful. If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail!

    Merry Christmas