Friday, November 6, 2009

Small Hdmi Receiver Onkyo 705 Receiver-Sonyxbr4 52''lcd-sony 1080pdvd-Bell Dish(s.vidoe&red/white Audio). Hook Up?

Onkyo 705 receiver-Sonyxbr4 52''lcd-sony 1080pdvd-Bell dish(s.vidoe&red/white audio). Hook up? - small hdmi receiver

HDMI DVD to a TV receiver. No picture, a good organization. Doesent reconize TV HDMI (in "HDMI Settings")? Reviewed and checked the connections and textbooks? 480i panel screen? Do not see why upconverson I 1080p and 1080p DVD property. Any help would be greatly appreciated as possible. He recorded and saved to upgrade to 8 years. It may be that I expect a lot or a little mistake, the faulty cable .. some pointers please.

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  1. Hard to say, is not from your description very clear.

    I understand the problem connected better than no picture on the TV-DVD player via HDMI? But he said if you have the picture ExpressVu or how things are linked together (so what kind of cable), or ....??? So I'll offer a few possibilities:

    - It may be a bad HDMI cable or
    - Some equipment has HDMI "handshake problems by updating the firmware fixed.
    - A question of adaptation (eg, not selecting the correct HDMI input) on TV.

    This type of problem is best, by things you step by step treatment. For example, connect the DVD directly to TV ... Get the right job. Then set the connection of the recipient. Then add Expressvu (or you) take the first set.

    Note that the satellite receiver can pass audio via HDMI (my PVR 9200 ...) not having a separate optical cable for HDMI audio and video applications.

    If the future when trying to ask for help, as accurately as possible.

    I hope this gives you something to prove.