Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Emphysema More Condition_symptoms What Are Long Term Affects Of Lack Of Oxygen To Legs In Emphysema?

What are long term affects of lack of oxygen to legs in Emphysema? - emphysema more condition_symptoms

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"The muscles do not get enough oxygen and thus the shift to anaerobic respiration. This produces the acid, and accumulates causing pain and discomfort.
If this is the case, the link with poor circulation. "

You know, what can the term implications of poor circulation and oxygen deficiency are long in the legs?

I have emphysema and I realize more and more back pain and stiffness in the legs when I go on my walks and other activities to try to keep fit.

The documents do not seem to be interested in these symptoms, but I wonder what I can do for me and it may be that, if I can correct them.

Massage help? Alternating hot / cold water in the legs of the feet?

The lymph nodes in the interior of the knees are soft and I the leg and foot cramps at night, which I find useful Salts Mag Phos tissue.

Welcome suggestions in this regard.


  1. Colic is the result of their lung disease. It is caused by an accumulation of lactic acid. Lactic acid is produced in the body, mainly in muscle tissue and red blood cells. Lactic acid is the result of the breakdown of sugars (carbohydrates) for energy, if the oxygen in the body weak. When a normal amount of oxygen available to body cells, carbohydrates usually decomposed into water and carbon dioxide. Therefore, the amount of lactic acid in the blood depends on the amount of oxygen available to the body.

    Rising prices of lactic acid with vigorous exercise or other conditions such as heart failure), severe infections (sepsis, or moves to reduce the flow of blood and oxygen through the body. Lactic acid levels may also rise when the liver is diseased or damaged, because the liver is normally destroyed by lactic acid.

    The use of supplemental oxygen during exercise (walking, cleaning, etc.) could contribute to cramps. Pulmonary rehabilitation can also be useful. Talk to your lung specialist and let them know that you know, crReinforcement. Your doctor should not present this problem. I have a lung disease, and it is a problem that causes great pain and discomfort. It goes through the same fears of professional athletes when they have colic. Good luck and I hope that this has contributed to the answer to your question.

  2. My aunt, and it can cause blood clots and should be placed on a blood thinner pill

  3. History of smoking has made lung, the diagnosis of emphysema ... what people do not know the dangers of smoking on the blood vessels in the body ... the leg symptoms can be PVD, peripheral vascular disease, poor circulation, leg circulation. I suggest seeing a specialist, a vascular surgeon who specializes in medical treatment of vascular ...

  4. Exercise and height helps increase blood flow and improving oxygen supply to the muscles of the legs. Massage can also be useful.

    In view of the long-term effects of poor circulation in the legs, which may be more prone to ulcers and infection (particularly if you are diabetic).

    Pain and stiffness is not due to poor blood flow only if stiffen the joints, usually with age.

    When to have quit smoking after having a big impact (in terms of improving the traffic situation as well as emphysema itself).

  5. If you emphysema, and it is therefore likely that to some degree, congestive heart failure
    . Heart failure is the cause of the lack of blood circulation in the legs, and the lack of circulation in the legs causes swelling and other problems.

    Snoring can get compression hose (a form of narrow, knee-highs), increasing the level of the feet with your body in a sitting position, by tightening the muscles of the legs when not in use and may try to walk more ( but ask your doctor)

    Are you Supplimental oxygen, otherwise it could help, consult your doctor.