Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mental Disorders More Condition_symptoms Are More And More People Having Mental Disorders?

Are more and more people having mental disorders? - mental disorders more condition_symptoms

In the decades and centuries, for a hundred more people with mental illness?

Perhaps because of dietary habits or other things .. or perhaps because most diseases are formally established.

What do you think?


  1. I think in the past, mental illness is not understood and often feared. Well, I think it's more openness and acceptance. More and more talk about it instead of hiding and will be embarrassing or uncomfortable. I also think that people now know that mental illness does not mean that I'm crazy, you look more careful. "

  2. I think they are now more accurately diagnosed. Centuries ago, people with mental illnesses often of witchcraft or worship of the devil, and is obsessed with having. Decades ago to cure people often do not receive help for depression and instead of the consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs. In any case, I think the media plays a role in some of the henious ... We see so much violence and sex on television that we are no longer shocked by the murder and rape, and I think that people suffering from serious mental illness get ideas from television and cinema.