Saturday, November 7, 2009

Prime Outlet Eastern Shore, Md Ralph Lauren Orlando Shopping - Which Is Better - Prime Or Premium Outlet?

Orlando Shopping - Which is better - Prime or Premium Outlet? - prime outlet eastern shore, md ralph lauren

I'm going to Florida next month, and I wonder we need is better, the first or Premium. I am sure that after the exit on the right side of the best deals. Any tips?

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  1. They say that the bonus is better, I do not know why. I live in the area and go to the first and is much larger, with more stores. Premium seems to be an outlet for high-end shops (BCBG, Burberry, etc.) but some shops are both (both are at a point, Coach, but more importantly is the first). Some shops in the first or even appear as a point of sale, if .... probably better if the price premium. But I believe that the selection is better in the first. If you end up going for premium to be ready, always very well attended and very difficult to find parking too!