Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Schizophrenia Definition More Condition_symptoms Schizophrenia Chronic Unspecified /anyone Got A Definition In Laymans Terms?

Schizophrenia chronic unspecified /anyone got a definition in laymans terms? - schizophrenia definition more condition_symptoms

I wonder if anyone diagnosed with a definition for this type of schizophrenia, has? I saw at least one hour online
and all information in the form of charts and statistics Hat / someone a standing awnser Laymans this problem in the definition of different words or a link to a thank you!


  1. Simply put, the medical jargon, "Well, it's been around for a while, but we're still not sure exactly what it is or where it's at." The fact is that there are many variants worse with certain forms of schizophrenia than other, much more about this disease remains a complete mystery to the scientific community.

  2. Schizophrenia is a group of serious disorders of the brain, in which reality is interpreted as abnormal. Results of schizophrenia hallucinations, delusions and disordered thinking and behavior. People with schizophrenia withdraw from the public and businesses around the world around them, taking refuge in the inner world of psychosis.

    Contrary to popular belief, schizophrenia is not the same as a split personality or multiple personality. Although the word "schizophrenia" mean not "split mind" refers to a disturbance of the normal balance of emotion and thought.

    Schizophrenia is a chronic disease that requires lifelong treatment. But thanks to new medications, the symptoms of schizophrenia can often cope successfully, but allowing people to a long, productive and enjoyable. --

  3. Chronic means that you had the problem long term. and the media, without specifying who does not know the exact nature of schizophrenia, that is, paranoid, disorganized, catatonic ...