Thursday, February 11, 2010

Black Women In Japan How Would Japanese Men React/or View Black American Women In Japan?

How would Japanese men react/or view Black American women in Japan? - black women in japan

I intend to Japan very soon go on holiday with some of my friends and all the young African-American women. We are planning to travel around and go to clubs. Therefore, we wanted to know how Japanese people (especially men) to see us?


  1. They are all foreigners and foreign. There are no predjudices or special preferences for one race or culture. Will be interested in you and your background.

  2. I lived in Japan for 7 years, and when he knew that several men with their Japanese friends I met an American woman with a young Japanese friend during this period. American women are disappointed more often to the front and open about their sexuality than women, the Japanese, many Japanese men are a little bit. In a big city like Tokyo, I think it is not so strange. However, there are still many Japanese who do not while enjoying friendships with people from other countries do not believe anything anymore, because of cultural differneces. I hope that surely have no difficulty young people have to speak (is usually understood, or even try some Japanese) and hang with, but beyond that I could not wait.

  3. Like every pepole Outher unless someone says something
    Thay did not .. Just be yourself and good ... Real nice trip:

  4. I have a thing for Japanese men. Some do not have you and others. Remember that Japanese men are shy, so you take the first steps. Make sure that before you feel any movement.