Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pa Dot Driver Training Facility, Altoona Pa Am I Allowed To Ride My Motor Scooter In Another State?

Am I allowed to ride my motor scooter in another state? - pa dot driver training facility, altoona pa

I have a bike (49 cc engine, two wheels, DOT-certified) that I have people in my state of Maryland. I live on the border of Vermont, with PA and DE and I travel in these two states.

MD is a little cold, he treats the bike like a normal bike, except I have a license. That means that I do not (an insurance company and I) and require (no labels, and I can not get it.)

Both PA and scooters need a label. Can I can my scooter in the state and outside of the state residing in the same way, such as a driver in the AP analysis of drive, although as a resident of MD, I I need a front and disadvantages of the label, while a driver only a PA sticker on the back needs to be? I searched and searched in the re -DMV perspective on these pages, but I can not find the answer ... I called the DMV in PA, when it was said was not a problem, but I wanted a little rest.

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  1. If the state require labels, you must
    to drive legally. You can not get there without a label.

    I had this problem too. The labels are not needed here, but neighboring states. I have a friend who had tickets, and confiscated the scooter, this one.

    Finally upgraded to 150, because I wanted to take my bike with them on holiday.

  2. I think they are legal or legal in their movement can be seen not only

  3. The statutes of the reciprocity of Pennsylvania ...

    The statutes of the reciprocity of the Delaware ...