Friday, February 19, 2010

Can We Store Database Schema And Data From Oracle To Sql Server Can Anyone Please Tell Me Whether We Can Create Schema In SQL Server Before Creating Database As In Oracle ?

Can anyone please tell me whether we can create schema in SQL Server before creating database as in Oracle ? - can we store database schema and data from oracle to sql server

I know that we create a schema described in Oracle and we store in our database, which can produce a similar manner, we generate the schema in SQL Server so that we create and store our database in this diagram.


  1. The Oracle database contains the necessary files contained on physical objects. The sample contains memory structures and background processes.

    The plan is a combination of objects belonging to a user. The plan can not be created until the database is because there is no where to store user objects. There may be several patterns in a database. The schema is stored in the database, and not vice versa

  2. No, not really the same thing in SQL Server. a "plan" created when a user in SQL Server is created. is not really the same, it is more about the property in SQL Server. When you create to create a user in SQL Server as a user and the objects that can be heard from this user. then be accessed by referring to the owner (eg SELECT * FROM dbo.employee)