Sunday, February 21, 2010

How To Find A Hot Pack Can Someone Be Hot Without Having Big Boobs?

Can someone be hot without having big boobs? - how to find a hot pack

I say that the lack of volume in the chest area. I think I have a pretty face, long dark hair, style, (decent and I'm in good shape but now shows signs of a package of six). The only problem is that although I am very short (5'1 ") and have virtually no breasts. Both anomalies all feel as if I'm really young and kind of destroyed my self-esteem. J 'have over 19 years, but I feel me so young, because my body. You can find hot girls, even if she has big breasts? "For me, breasts are a sign of femininity, but I do not how I can finally feel more?


  1. I can understand why you are worried, but she is just really a good thing, because the boys, high or low, and most boys like girls shorter than they are, can a day. I'm 5'1 ", and even if it annoys me sometimes, do not judge a defect. And for small breasts to go, guys like pretty girls and talk like you are super nice ... Any way that only concerns about the size of the breast is a guy and no losers. The six-pack, which is too beautiful .... Love You ... Now I think that Megan Fox Master (). In order to feel more able to start feels High Heels (carry the one super sexy and feminine). You can also buy lots of lingerie Nice to Victoria's Secret ... so that you are very feminine.

  2. I am a man who tells him the chest does not mean something that one is 48DDD or 32A, and no matter what counts, what is the heart of what a woman can not see inside, I can see on the outside, while them a good heart and an N Fun wild side with her and she has been able to build things from there

  3. The two most beautiful girls I know.
    One is a bra size 36C. she is (15, so it's pretty big)
    I know that the other is an AA, but I'm not sure how many. I think that at 30! (She's 14 BU is still weak)
    However, you get the picture ...