Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ear Gauges Small Black Guy Wanting To Get Small Ear Gauges?

Black guy wanting to get small ear gauges? - ear gauges small

I am 14 years old and I'm good), the type of road and Livin sublime music to them, and Rage Against The Machine (and I think it's pretty cool meter. cuz is not large, but they are idiots and a black man would look like an idiot with them. not just a phase, because I thought on this subject with maturity and time that the holes near May, at least 18 a, I'm ok with it. I'm lookin to get maybe 4 or 6a. and what is the best way to stretch, but they have candles in their ears lookin foolish without saying a alot.also Payin my friends that I feel bad plugs?


  1. Well, first of all "It's called stretching your ears. N m. The title should be" ... if you want to stretch my ears? ". If you call indicators, 90% of people laugh with stretched ears.

    I know that the young blacks, the ears, which is stretched to 1 1 / 2 ". Does not look like an idiot, but it is personal preference.

    To stretch your ears, you must use candles, unless you want a skin shot will probably not close, because you have to drill a hole in my ears. It scans and jewelry. They are for stretching, do not. If you have a size of more than 4 or 6, you have to stretch alternative methods, but it is especially recommended in small quantities. Be be careful. Collection takes a little run and the result is unpleasant painful skin rashes. Rub ears with vitamin E oil remains healthy. When paying for "not much," Most good cards cost more than $ 20 each.

    Who will close its doors when you leave, but it may take some time.

    AND Yes, tampons do not feel the ear cheese. It happens. Easy to wash and you're good. Do not try to avoid, natural materials, which tend to make your ears more "cheesy".

  2. Thou shalt not, candles, use them for stretching and immediately put in earplugs. has everything you with low prices.
    You can smell and ... if not cleaned. All nodes known as ear piercings cheese "with a big hole there is more than what you feel. Some materials such as acrylic, it can be smelly. Things like bones and horns can help them feel less.