Monday, February 8, 2010

Carnuaba Wax Chemical Formula Prefer Synthetic (paint Seals) Or Natural (carnauba) Wax ?

Prefer Synthetic (paint seals) or Natural (carnauba) wax ? - carnuaba wax chemical formula

What is the best in your opinion?

- Gloss) Protection Autoglym is a synthetic drug called paintseal.
-) Also Carnu Wax Maguires. (Pasta)

It is argued that the natural waxes deep into the moist glance, it seems (like a mirror), while the synthetic mat to a shine.

Moreover, we believe that the plastics more durable, because the candidate (even if somehow the painting) is a layer of clear coat on top of the table.

Thus, most of the paste / liquid mixtures are natural waxes are anyway.


  1. There's not really much difference.
    Personally, I prefer a the best deal I can get.

  2. To be quite honest with you, I'm not with synthetic sealants. I've always used a big chance on the stage of the three mothers system.The third amplifier is actually made of wax carnuba pure pulp. Dark colors tend to paint "exhaust" protection in a single year. It is necessary to repeat, all 8-9 months. Brighter colors, the coat sewing carnuba pure water to bead and the last 12 months.

  3. Polish carnuba most silicon-based cars is very good again, but really a waste of money and effort on the old models are good today, my choice would be perfect Trafalgars wax process and is easy to buff, with little or no dust, wax Autoglym Radiant is also very good, but Doe tend to create much dust, remove a nightmare for cars darker.

  4. I use Autoglym and large businesses. My advice is to continue working with the brand, however, monitor website AutoExpress unbiased look at the comment. They give a good race for most products. Car wax calculated Collonite better with the Hungarians in the 2nd. Eco Carplos Polish and Autoglym Aqua Wax and Halfords Advanced Car Polish

  5. Right now I'm older in a base of carnauba wax for cars. Personal choice, but the biggest difference was that I found to clean equipment before the old wax. In the news, after trying a few products, although there are no real difference.