Friday, February 5, 2010

Salieri Film Gratis Real Relationship Between Mozart And Salieri?

Real Relationship between Mozart and Salieri? - salieri film gratis

I am writing an article about the differences between film and reality Amadeus Mozart, and focuses on the relationship between Mozart and Salieri is one of the topics. I understand everything in the movie, but I can not find much in the current relationship, even though I know it was after aquantainces ...
Please enter the source and can not Wikipedia. =]]


  1. It looks like a homework question to me!

    If you go to Wikipedia, there are references in the bottom of the page to search through them, since they are capable of about the same.

    Mozart and Salieri were only competitions. He's probably still not the taste, but it would be courteous to others and not Salieri killed Mozart.

  2. They were true friends who helped write the Requiem by Mozart, Salieri on his deathbed.