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Serial Number Of Mount E Blade Forum Is The Bi-metallic Pilot-flame Sensing Switch In My Gas-fired Gravity Furnace Replaceable?

Is the bi-metallic pilot-flame sensing switch in my gas-fired gravity furnace replaceable? - serial number of mount e blade forum

My gas furnace was installed in 1950, gravity. It is a Janitrol model GDS100-15 Type S 1252B0111 serial number, Surface Combustion Corporation, Toledo, Ohio produced. It uses a bi-metal switch on the pilot burner for the presence of pilot light is mounted. The switch is connected in series with the solenoid opening and prevents the main burner valve when the pilot flame goes out, a security feature, obviously necessary. I would not change even a drop-in replacement for, or an electronic infrared flame sensor that requires no direct contact with the pilot flame. Suggestions, please, but do not suggest that I am my stove gravity ineffective (100,000 BTU, 75,000 BTU output) with a new forced air furnace and airconditioner. We can not afford to do it now.


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    You can upgrade your old system by installing a modern assembly with a new pilot flame or millivolt gas valve or valves 24 with gas. Such conversions are possible if you get a technical invention, but you have to spend money. Call your local heating company and you pay for an assessment and evaluation. It would be much cheaper than a new furnace. Good luck.

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  3. You mean the switch is a fan-switch, which consists of a bimetallic bithmus Telluride, Yas and can be replaced

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