Monday, February 22, 2010

Inguinal Hernias Pictures Question Regarding Inguinal Hernias In Women..?

Question regarding inguinal hernias in women..? - inguinal hernias pictures

For those of you ladies have had a hernia or what were your symptoms and can be very descriptive, because I am a little confused. They said they have 2, one on each side. Ive had 2 operations for the pain she told me was to break endometriosis and adenomyosis. Ive spent a fortune, literally in the fields of surgery and the doctor said, I spent the 2 hernias. I am now asking whether the pain I experienced was a break on the left side the whole time. I do not even know know how to reach them. He was still in good shape, design, eating well can not believe that any trauma can cause a break, but I have pictures of them and they are there. I know that men's testicles and pain in the groin, but Im not sure for women? Thank you very much ..

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