Saturday, February 20, 2010

Soft Cervix Six Days Late On Period I Have The Mirena IUD And Lately I Have Been Very Nauseous, Like Maybe Im Pregnant?

I have the Mirena IUD and lately I have been very nauseous, like maybe im pregnant? - soft cervix six days late on period

I have the Mirena IUD 22nd April 2008. Three weeks later, I knew I wanted this thing for me. The doctor convinced me to give up everything and see how it works, just put a little time. Well, here I am six months later and things got worse. I think he may fall, because I was more channels and it seems to be a large pinch of soft tissue, perhaps feeling in my cervix? I am absolutely sick every night, fair enough. Do not throw or something, let's stop running it please help me a little sick. My rules are weird as hell to start / missing / time? If this does not fall on me, I'll shoot. What is the difference already fallen, yet takenIts location. Ive have had for 6 months and 6 months, a happy new mother of a madman, the comical, to their family when they break someone in mourning or crying existed no real reason. I know that this spiral makes me this way, prayer, and instant messaging, it will break, because otherwise I will remove them. I can not have that something in me one day, and my doctor appointment for 18 November planned and that, my friends, just not fast enough. What should I do?


  1. just leave him alone. If you do not have to wait 18 years for the appointment, call your doctor's office, tell your IUD is declining, and very safe, as the position of the chain was removed, and the pain is no previously did not know, and ask if you have a get the first appointment can. You do not shoot your own, you can really do hurt. In addition, a pregnancy test immediately. Ectopic pregnancy is more like a spiral, and are very harmful.

  2. They insist that the doctor to remove it.

  3. I doubt it
    But go to the doctor
    Ignorance is not always lucky
    For the purposes of contraception, make your body as pregnancy, so that with the release of an egg or an agency of the usual attempt to hold on to it because you think you already have one and people complain about having to win thats Waight because the body tries to hold significant enought U and the "baby" bet u feelin bad side affects